CE Education

The Emerging Solutions in Pain (ESP) Continuing Education section contains a multimedia collection of continuing educational resources focusing on best practices for clinicians to optimize pain patient care.

Need credits or just need to know? Either way, select a program from one of these categories:

REMS in Primary Care - This activity will explore the appropriate use of opioid therapies in pain, where opioids fit in a comprehensive treatment plan that includes non-pharmacologic and non-opioid strategies, and the role of the clinician in safe prescribing of opioid medications to patients in acute or chronic pain. In addition, this activity will address the risks and benefits associated with this class of medications and the tools needed to properly evaluate a patient’s pain and risk of misuse.

CE Expired, Courses Available for Information Only.

The Promise of CGRP Antibodies to Change Practice in Migraine Treatment - This activity will include insights about how new therapies in preventive treatment for migraine work, and how four new agents performed in clinical trials and how they may impact practice.

Clinical Challenges in Migraine: The Role of Emerging Therapies in New Treatment Paradigms - Expert faculty present the most up-to-date information being reported in clinical trials for the new calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) inhibitors. This activity was originally streamed live from the Diamond Headache Meeting in Orlando, FL in July of 2017.

Therapeutic Advances and Evolving Treatment Strategies: Novel Approaches to Migraine Management - Our nationally renowned faculty present the most up-to-date information and data being reported in clinical trials for the new calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) inhibitors. This enduring program was streamed live from the 59th Annual Scientific Meeting - American Headache Society.

Targeting CGRP: Emerging Solutions in Migraine - In this activity, Dr. Diamond and Dr. Green will provide you with information about the current and ongoing clinical trials targeting calcitonin gene-related peptide and their impact on the current unmet need in the treatment options for preventive treatment in migraine. This activity was originally presented at the Diamond Headache Clinic Update 2016 in Chicago.

How to Talk to Your Patients About Opioid-induced Constipation: A Dialogue About New Advances - This accredited activity equips you with important information about opioid-induced constipation, a very real issue that may be affecting your patients. Take this course to learn about new treatment options that address this significant clinical problem and learn how to initiate productive conversations with your patients concerning OIC. This activity uses video-based patient simulations to show you how to effectively apply this information into your practice setting.

Tailoring a Patient-Centered Approach for Episodic Migraine - In this educational activity, Dr. Nahas will present information on optimizing treatment of episodic migraine based on guidelines recommendations, including the need for proper assessment, ongoing patient communication regarding an optimal management plan, and a thorough knowledge of new and existing therapeutic options including oral and non-oral therapies.

The activity consists of three components, two video presentations followed by a case simulation utilizing DecisionSim™ technology which will provide the opportunity for practice of clinical decision-making skills in a virtual patient.